Indigenous Arts & Culture

Celebrate the rich culture of the region

Terrace is uniquely positioned among several Indigenous communities at the heart of the northwest coast fine art revival. Discover public art, historical sites and important cultural installations that make the Terrace area so unique. 

Museums & Historic Sites

Learning about the history of Indigenous people in the northwest is at your fingertips at places such as the Kitselas Canyon National Historic Site, the Nisga’a Museum and area Indigenous communities. Discover the rich history of Canada’s First Peoples who have occupied these lands for more than 6,000 years.

Totem poles

In recent years, many new totem poles have been raised in the Terrace area, creating opportunities for the community to come together to witness these historic raisings. You can see modern-day totem poles at the campus of Coast Mountain College, in front of the Kermodei Friendship Society building downtown, and in the communities of Gitaus and Kitsumkalum.

Murals & public art

Explore downtown Terrace to tour the many murals that adorn buildings throughout the city centre. Regional Indigenous artists and First Nations artist collectives have created many murals. Discover art installations such as the Wings of Hope on the corner of Lakelse Ave. and Kalum St. 

The Skeena Salmon Arts Fest Society provides a complete guide.

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Indigenous art for sale

Several businesses in Terrace sell local Indigenous art including the Terrace Art Gallery, Red Raven Art Gallery, Mountainside Gallery & Framing and Sandpiper’s Boutique to name a few. View Gifts & Souvenirs to learn more.

Or check out the House of Sim-Oi-Ghets at Kitsumkalum and the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art for holiday gift card sales and its end-of-year art sale.

Important Dates & Events

Indigenous commemorative and awareness days

National Indigenous Day is marked annually on June 21, and the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation is on September 30. It includes a variety of community activities. People from around the northwest gather in the Nass Valley every February to commemorate Nisga’a New Year, known as Hobiyee. Check out our events calendar for upcoming special events.

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Upcoming Events

From live music to theatre, sports and the arts, Terrace has a lot going on! Check out our event listings below.

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From exciting outdoor adventures to discovering arts and culture, Terrace offers so much to see and do.

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