Indigenous Culture

This is Ts’msyen territory

Northwestern BC is home to nearly 21 First Nations communities. Terrace sits on the traditional territory of the Ts’msyen people and the two closest communities are Kitselas to the east and south of town, and Kitsumkalum to the west. We are grateful be able to explore, visit and learn from our Ts’ymsyen neighbours.


With a population of approximately 700 people, the Kitselas traditional territory is located in Northwest British Columbia. Their reserves and territory surround the City of Terrace and the Skeena River. Two communities are located close to Terrace including Gitaus, about 10 km west of town and Kulspai, located on Queensway Rd. in Thornhill. 

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Kitsumkalum is located just west of Terrace and occupies traditional territories that extend into the City of Terrace. As you cross the Kalum River, its wood buildings inspired by traditional longhouse design immediately catch your eye. The Kitsumkalum are The People of The Robin and are part of the Ts’msyen nation.

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Kitamaat Village (Haisla)

Just outside the town of Kitimat is Kitamaat Village – the home community of the Haisla people.  Kitamaat means People of the Snow. Kitamaat is found at the head of the Douglas Channel and is home to historic totem poles, ocean views, trails, two marinas, wildlife viewing, a fresh seafood restaurant and a number of Indigenous artisan shops.

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Nisga’a – Gitwinsilhkw

Gitwinksihlkw is one of four villages located in the Nass Valley along the Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park. Gitwinksihlkw is also known as Canyon City. Check out the suspension bridge, and traditional totem poles and don’t miss the Saasak’ trail network for hiking and downhill mountain biking. Get a photo from the viewing platform at the top of Saasak’ Hill overlooking the lava beds. 

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Nisga’a – Laxgalts’ap

Lax̱g̱altsʼap translates to “village on village” because the current village was built on the site of a much older one. It’s also the village closest to the world-class Nisga’a Museum, that features Nisga’a artefacts and offers interpretive tours.

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Nisga’a – Gitlaxt’aamiks

Gitlaxt’aamiks is the main central village of the four Nisga’a villages in the Nass Valley, formerly known as New Aiyansh. It is the most populated village and the seat of the Nisga’a Government. The government building is not only beautiful, it houses the legislative chambers of the Nisga’a Nation and the office of the President of the Nisga’a Nation.

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Nisga’a – Gingolx

The Village of Gingolx is nestled in the mountains along the Nass River. The ocean-side community offers panoramic views, hiking trails and access to outstanding fishing, crabbing, kayaking and canoeing.  Offering visitors an authentic experience of West Coast nature and Indigenous culture, the small community is worth the trip.

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