Do less harm; do more good

What is sustainability? Do less harm; do more good. Ultimately, that is what sustainability means to us.

With pristine nature, rich culture, and unique, endless adventure, wandering through the #WowofTerrace in the northwest region of B.C. is an unforgettable experience.

Terrace is fortunate to share our tranquil wilderness with people from all over the globe. In order to sustain the biodiversity of our region, we ask guests to please invest in our area by reviewing our consciously created visitor code of conduct outlined below so we can continue to share the WOW of Terrace with generations to come.

Tourism Terrace is proud to be GreenStep Sustainable Tourism Certified.

Visitor Code of Conduct for Terrace, BC

Support Local

  • Eat, drink, and stay at local establishments to reduce your carbon footprint and support the community.

Health, Safety & Accessibility

  • Be prepared with proper gear, safety equipment, and maps.
  • Respect accessible facilities and prioritize people with disabilities on trails.

Forest, Fish & Fires

  • Follow principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, and pack out all waste.
  • Adhere to fire regulations and respect wildlife by not interacting or feeding them.

Fishing Regulations:

  • Check local fishing regulations and license rules as they frequently change.
  • Obtain fishing licenses at local tackle shops in Terrace.
  • Borrow trout or salmon rods and tackle boxes for free at the Terrace Visitor Centre.
  • Follow Provincial Freshwater Fishing Regulations and Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans Region 6 regulations.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Leave natural spaces as you found them.
  • Use vague location tags on social media to preserve tranquility.
  • Respect Indigenous knowledge and practices.

Camping Code of Conduct:

  • Set up camp only in designated areas to minimize environmental impact.
  • Keep noise levels down to avoid disturbing wildlife and fellow campers.
  • Extinguish all campfires completely before leaving the site to prevent wildfires.

Sustainable Practices

  • Participate in sustainable tourism by supporting certified organizations and practices.

Support Local

Eat, drink, & sleep local

As you explore our beautiful region, we encourage you to show support and respect for the locals by eating, drinking, and staying local. When you “eat, drink, and stay local,” you show a commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods over long distances. Local produce and products typically have a smaller ecological impact, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly travel experience. 

An additional value you add is contributing to the livelihoods of local food suppliers, artisans, and small businesses. Whether it’s savoring farm-fresh produce at a local seasonal market, enjoying a beer at our locally-owned brewery, or choosing accommodations offered by local hosts, you’re not just a visitor; you’re a supporter/patron/investor of the community. Choosing to eat, drink, and stay local is a commitment to responsible and meaningful travel, fostering a deeper connection to the places we visit while positively impacting the communities. 

Health, safety & accessibility in remote spaces.

Due to limited cell service, rugged terrain and unpredictable weather, it is essential to adventure smart when exploring the remote and awe-inspiring landscapes of Northern B.C. We encourage you to be equipped with suitable outerwear, always carry essential safety gear, including food, water, up-to-date maps, first aid supplies, and reliable communication devices. 

Take care of your neighbours, be considerate of individuals with disabilities, and offer help if needed. When visiting we ask you to respect accessible parking spaces, ramps, and facilities designed to make the visit accessible for all. Show courtesy on the trails by yielding accordingly: cyclists yield to everyone, while people with mobility aids have priority over others.

Forest, Fish & Fires

Let’s make a conscious commitment to environmental stewardship by actively practicing the principles of reducing, reusing, recycling, and pack-in-what-you-pack-out. By working together, we can significantly reduce our ecological footprint.  

Each year BC experiences an increase in fire activity and poor air quality. Our region historically has been safe from these seasonal disasters but as of recent years have been noticeably affected. We ask that you please respect fire ratings and regulations by keeping fires small and manageable and have the proper measures available to extinguish a fire. 

Demonstrate respect for wildlife by refraining from interacting with them, never feed wildlife, as it can disrupt their natural behaviors, and when fishing or hunting, ensure you have the appropriate licenses and are following regulations and restrictions.

Stewards of our environment

Although our area echoes vast open spaces, with no crowds, we ask you to please stay considerate and take part in considerate travel by leaving what you find behind, and when sharing the beauty of our surroundings on social media, consider leaving vague location tags to preserve the tranquility and privacy of these places.

Let’s honor our local Indigenous people as stewards of our environment and learn from their wisdom. Reminding us that we were not the original inhabitants, and wildlife can be present anywhere and anytime.

Practice good etiquette by keeping your pets on leashes (unless otherwise posted), honour property boundaries and signage, and ensure proper waste disposal of litter or food in animal proof bins. 

Sustainable tourism

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) defines sustainable tourism as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

Our sustainability focus is aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development goals put out by the United Nations WTO:

GreenStep Certification

We are GreenStep Certified! 

Tourism Terrace is proud to be GreenStep Sustainable Tourism Certified. Our GreenStep certification showcases our commitment to sustainable tourism. It is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and signifies that we have met their rigorous standards. We have undergone a comprehensive assessment and review process to achieve Sustainable Tourism Bronze Certification.

At Tourism Terrace, we prioritize the four elements of sustainability within the GreenStep Framework: Sustainable Management, Social & Economic Impacts, Natural & Cultural Interactions, and Environmental Impacts. We are dedicated to implementing sustainable practices in our operations, moving towards a more viable and environmentally friendly tourism industry.

Sustainability Resources

AdventureSmart provides the knowledge, skills and equipment to enjoy their outdoor trips safely. AdventureSmart aids outdoor recreationists in making informed decisions, aiming at reducing the frequency of outdoor emergencies.

Avalanche Canada releases daily avalanche forecasts throughout the winter and provides free information through their website and app, Avalanche Canada Mobile. Additionally, Avalanche Canada offers avalanche awareness and education programs available.

BC Wildfire Service provides current fire ratings, fire status, and how to report a wildfire. Plan your travels mindfully and safely by viewing the live fire map through the link above.

DriveBC provides current road conditions and upcoming roadwork provides information on closures, delays, and travel advisories. Additional information, such as inland ferry schedules, border wait times, and the BC HighwayCams program, can also be found on DriveBC.

The Invasive Species Council of BC outlines how to follow best practices to protect British Columbia’s natural habitats and biodiversity by stopping the spread of invasive species.

Leave No Trace Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting outdoor ethics and the seven Leave No Trace principles. Their goal is to encourage everyone to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors while protecting Canada’s natural and cultural heritage.

Trailforks provides many features and works with various navigation services to help you discover the best trails & routes to ride around the world.

Trail BC aims to provide access to information on preserving natural, historical, and developed trails in British Columbia. To promote safety, courtesy, and respect for cultural, heritage and environmental features with trail users.

Wildsafe BC aims to be the provincial leader in providing education on how to stay conflict-free of wildlife.

The Fish and Wildlife Branch establishes legislation, policies and procedures for managing fishing and hunting activities and allocating fish and wildlife resources for recreational and commercial use. Follow the link above to access online purchases of fishing licenses, snowmobile closures, etc.


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