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Welcome to Terrace

It’s an exciting time to be in Terrace!  Whether you are visiting for the first time, returning to see family and friends, or you’re considering a move here, you’ll find a lot to see and do throughout the year.  Terrace is your gateway to the best outdoor adventure in Northern BC.  Located along the mighty Skeena River, the second largest river in British Columbia, Terrace is surrounded by mountain peaks, rivers, lakes, and wildlife.


With four distinct seasons and a culture of active living, Terrace offers activities year-round for residents and visitors of all ages.  Grab your fishing pole and drop a line in one of our many rivers or lakes. Or get your adrenaline surge with a day of incredible mountain biking on our new and challenging trails. 


You’ll find some of the best winter activities here.  Terrace is home to the hidden gem that is Shames Mountain, which can only be described as one of the best family-oriented powder mountains in the province. 


If you’re seeking a quieter adventure, we have that too – fresh air, scenic viewpoints, a variety of local eateries, our own craft brewery, unique boutiques, and a vibrant music and arts scene are waiting for you.  Stop by Heritage Park Museum to participate in a local event or to better understand Terrace’s history.  While we are proud of our small-town roots, we also deliver big on amenities including modern retail businesses, restaurants, and the largest farmers market in Northern BC. 


The Northwest is home to a rich history of First Nations culture that dates back to time immemorial. Many opportunities exist to uncover authentic First Nations experiences that are based on the traditional lifestyle. Visit the Tsimshian communities closest to Terrace – the Kitselas and Kitsumkalum.  Take a day trip to visit the Haisla in Kitamaat Village or to the Nass Valley where the ancient Lava Beds and four Nisga’a villages are waiting to be discovered.


While you’re here, make sure you stop into our Visitor Centre located at the east entrance of the city.  Our friendly and knowledgeable counselors can help you plan your activities, provide local insight and share their favourite spots with you, and you may even find a unique keepsake at our gift shop to remind you of your time here.


A visit to Terrace will keep you busy.  Whether you’re skiing, fishing, shopping, or enjoying a meal at a local eatery, you’ll want to come back!

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Quick Facts About Terrace

  • Population - 2016 Census Terrace Only: 11,643 

  • Population - 2016 Census Greater Terrace Area including Electoral Area E: 15,636  

  • Population - 2011 Census Terrace Only: 11,486 

  • Trading Area Population - 70,000

  • Size of Terrace including Airport Lands: 4,222.84 sq hectares

  • Business Licenses at December 2017 - 1,100

  • Median Household Income - 2016 $76,769

  • Annual Precipitation - 129.5 (51")

  • Average Summer Temperature - 22°C (67°F)

are there polar bears

in terrace?

Kermodei Bear– A Legendary Mascot

The Kermodei, also known as the Spirit bear, ghost bear or Moksgm’ol in Tsimshian, is unique to the North Coast rainforest and sightings are rare. Even locals who have lived in the region their entire lives have yet to catch a glimpse of Terrace’s legendary mascot. What makes this white bear so intriguing is that it is a black bear in every respect except for its bright coat of fur. One might think that the bears are albinos but the famous white fur comes from a recessive gene
that both parents must possess for their cub to be white.


First Nations legends recall the Kermodei as the spirit of the rainforest. Long ago a raven changed the earth from snowy white to forest green but didn’t want to forget the past. So the raven changed every tenth black bear into a white one to remember the world the way it had once been.

As the city’s official mascot you will find statues of the animal, all uniquely painted by local artists on display throughout the downtown
and along the Grand Trunk Pathway.

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A Message from the Mayor of Terrace


On behalf of the Council and citizens of Terrace, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors and newcomers to our community.  You are invited to explore our spectacular city and see why it is considered the heart of Northwest BC.  It starts with geography: ringed by mountains, our city is made of natural terraces carved by glaciers that moved through the Skeena River valley thousands of years ago. This beautiful landscape makes us a premier location of year-round recreational opportunities for the whole family.  The choices are endless, from world-class fishing on the Skeena River to hiking and biking trips through the breathtaking backcountry. Go golfing at the base of a majestic mountain, raft down a raging river, or ski exhilarating slopes and peaceful Nordic trails.


We are also the heart of Northwest BC because of our people. Our growing community embodies the spirit of super, natural British Columbia. We’re proud of our small-town roots and authentic culture. The Indigenous Peoples of the area are one of the oldest populations still occupying the same land as their ancestors, and this is why their rich history, art and culture is still very active in Terrace today.


As BC’s service and supply centre for the Northwest, Terrace is a vibrant hub of activity for all who live and play here. We have modern retail businesses and restaurants, offering options to shop local or enjoy familiar favourites.  Our thriving arts community and local food producers help us boast the largest farmers market in Northern BC.


Whether you stay for a day or make Terrace your new home, you’ll find friendly faces and new discoveries in every journey.


Mayor Carol Leclerc, City of Terrace

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