The Terrace area is home to an array of wildlife, including grizzly and black bears, the elusive Kermode Bear, moose, deer, coyotes, wolves, mountain goats, and more. Bald Eagles can be spotted year-round, especially along the rivers and lakes.

The Kermode Bear

Rarely spotted, always revered

The Terrace area is known for being home to the elusive Kermode Bear, a white-coloured black bear whose unique fur comes when both parents carry the same recessive gene. Consider yourself very lucky if you are fortunate enough to see one. Also called a Spirit bear, and in Smalgyax – Molsgm’ol.

Welcome to the rainforest

Discover the North Coast Rainforest, a breathtaking haven of biodiversity. Home to over 100 vertebrate species and mammals such as bears, moose and deer. It transforms in autumn with a bounty of wild mushrooms, berries, and vital medicinal plants, like the revered Devil’s Club cherished by local Indigenous people.

Responsible wildlife viewing

We live by one rule: take only pictures and leave only your tracks behind. It’s not unusual to encounter wildlife as you travel through the region. Ensure that you stay at a safe distance and don’t approach the animals. Make sure you are bear aware – be visible and make noise when hiking or fishing to avoid surprising wildlife – bears will usually move out of the way if they hear people approaching.

The Eulachon Run

Each spring people know winter is ending when the Skeena comes alive with the return of the eulochon – a small, silver fish that is harvested by area Indigenous folks who eat it and use it for healing purposes. The famous eulachon run only happens for s couple weeks – but it brings the river to life drawing sea lions, seagulls and eagles in search for a good meal. Checking out the eulachon run? Don’t forget your camera!

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This is bear country

If you see a bear on the side of the road, give them lots of space. Roadside bears quickly become habituated to vehicles and people, and this can cause many problems for both bears and humans. Remember, they are wild! Always exercise caution; don’t feed animals or get too close. 

Wildlife Viewing

Williams Creek Salmon Viewing Platform

Park at the Gruchy’s Beach parking lot and take the turnoff near the start of the trail to the Williams Lake Viewing Platform during August to view salmon sockeye spawning on the creek. A rare chance to see this unique phenomenon.

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Old Remo Bird Sanctuary

Nestled on the south end of Lakelse Lakes is the Old Remo Bird Sanctuary – a favourite spot for birders. The best way to experience this area is in a canoe, kayak or paddle board as motorised vessels are not permitted here. Bring your binoculars and enjoy this beautiful spot.

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Deep Creek Salmon Hatchery

The Terrace Salmonid Enhancement Society looks after the Deep Creek Salmon Hatchery located just north of Terrace on the Nisga’a highway. The hatchery oversees the Chinook and Coho salmon tagging programs at the Deep Creek Hatchery in May and June each year, helping educate and preserve salmon stocks.

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Eby Street Fish Hatchery

Located right in Terrace at the base of Howe Creek Trail is the Eby Street Fish Hatchery that helps juvenile salmon hatch and grow until they are large enough to be released into the wild.  This hatchery is an important place for education and preservation of salmon.

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Curious about salmon preservation?

Formed in 2007, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust is dedicated to making the Skeena River and nearby coastal communities a global model of sustainability where large human and salmon populations coexist.

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Explore the Region

From exciting outdoor adventures to discovering arts and culture, Terrace offers so much to see and do.

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