Explore Terrace with the GRIT Freedom Chair

Discover the Freedom of Accessible Adventure

Tourism Terrace is excited to offer the GRIT Freedom Chair for rent, enabling everyone to enjoy the beautiful outdoor trails and scenery of Terrace, BC. This allterrain wheelchair is designed for maximum mobility and comfort, ensuring that all visitors can fully experience the natural wonders of our region.

About the GRIT Freedom Chair

Your Ticket to AllTerrain Adventures

The GRIT Freedom Chair is a versatile, manual wheelchair engineered for various terrains, from hiking trails to sandy beaches. Designed by MIT engineers, it features a lever system that makes it easier to push than traditional wheelchairs, conserving your energy and enhancing your outdoor experience.

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How to Rent the GRIT Freedom Chair

Renting the GRIT Freedom Chair is simple and affordable. There is a small fee and deposit required to rent the chair. For more information on availability and to make a reservation, please contact the Visitor Information Centre in Terrace, BC.

Visitor Information Centre

Terrace, BC

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Project Funding

This project was funded in part by Pacific Economic Development Canada through the Northern BC Tourism Association Accessibility Enhancement Program.

Tourism Terrace is committed to making our natural attractions accessible to everyone and appreciate the support that makes this possible.

Benefits of Accessible Trails

Why Accessible Trails Matter

Accessible trails are essential for ensuring that everyone, including people with disabilities, can enjoy nature. These trails help individuals stay active, reduce stress, and feel part of the community. They also boost the local economy by attracting more visitors, leading to increased revenue for parks and nearby businesses.

Some Accessible Trails in Terrace, BC

  • Grand Trunk Pathway (Xpilaxha – Charles & Emma Nelson Trail)
  • The Raven Song trail at Onion Lake
  • Ferry Island
  • Howe Creek (partial accessibility)
  • Twin Spruce Trail at Furlong Bay (partial accessibility)
  • Kitselas Canyon National Historic Site (partial accessibility)

Visit Us and Explore More

Explore more about our accessibility initiatives and plan your visit to Terrace, BC. We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring you have an unforgettable experience with the GRIT Freedom Chair.

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