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eulachon run

February and early March are the best times to witness the magnificent migration of Eulachon, a small fish that attracts a diverse array of wildlife including eagles, seals and more. 

Take in the stunning scenery as you drive along the Skeena River and pull off at designated viewing areas to observe the feast. Watch as the eagles swoop down to catch the fish in mid-air. The presence of seals and sea lions is also a sight to behold as they make their way upstream to feed on the abundant Eulachon.


In addition to wildlife viewing, the Eulachon run is also a cultural and historical event for the indigenous communities of the area who have relied on this resource for generations.

Discover the thrill of the Eulachon run and wildlife viewing along the mighty Skeena River.

What is Eulachon?

Eulachon is a small fish species found in the Pacific Northwest region, including the Skeena River in Northern British Columbia. 

Eulachon is an important cultural, economic, environmental, and conservation resource for the indigenous peoples of northern BC and the Skeena River region. The Eulachon and its habitat are critical to the well-being of the communities, ecosystems, and species that depend on it. The Eulachon is important to the northern BC region and the indigenous people who live around Terrace, BC for several reasons:

Cultural Significance

Eulachon has long been a significant food source for the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, including the Gitxsan, Nisga’a, and Haida Nations. Eulachon is considered a sacred food and is tied to the cultural identity and spiritual beliefs of these communities.

Economic Importance

Eulachon is also an important economic resource for the indigenous peoples of northern BC. The fish is harvested for its oil, which is used for food and medicinal purposes. The oil is also sold commercially, providing a source of income for many families and communities in the region.

Environmental Significance 

Eulachon play an important role in the ecosystem of the Skeena River, serving as a food source for many species of birds, marine mammals, and fish. The fish also helps to regulate the nutrient levels in the river, supporting the overall health of the ecosystem.

Conservation Value

Eulachon populations have declined in recent years due to a combination of factors, including overfishing, habitat loss, and climate change. The Eulachon is recognized as a species at risk and is considered important for conservation efforts in the Pacific Northwest region.

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Eulachon Run Points of Interest.jpg

Points of interest along Highway 16 West from Terrace to Prince Rupert, BC.

Thinking of driving from Terrace to Prince Rupert to experience the Eulachon run this year? The Eulachon run and sea lion viewing are highlights, but the highway drive itself is a scenic adventure.

Here are some suggested stops along the way that offer a range of experiences, from viewing wildlife and natural landscapes to cultural and historical sites, and outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Eulachon Run Viewing Highlights.jpg

1.    Kitsumkalum Bridge
2.    MMIW Totem Pole and Pull out
3.    Viewpoint of the lower Kalum River
4.    Zymmacord River Bridge
5.    Valhalla Music Fest Entrance
6.    Yellow Cedar Lodge
7.    Pioneer Fishing Lodge
8.    Fisherman's B&B
9.    Shames Mountain Ski Hill
10.    Komoham Lodge
11.    Exstew Falls Turn off
12.    John Little Falls entrance
13.    Andesite Boat Launch
14.    Carwash Rock
15.    Exchamsiks Day Use Area
16.    Kasiks Resort
17.    Upper limit of Eulachon/Sea lion migration on Skeena
18.    Good Sea Lion viewing area

         (Kwinitsa East and West Boat Launches)
19.    Abandoned Train Tunnel
20.    Rock Faces (Mountain Goat Viewing)
21.    Pullout overlooking the Skeena River
22.    Basalt Creek Rest Area
23.    Khyex River Bridge
24.    Skeena City remnants
25.    Kitesurfing Area
26.    Chief Legaic Pictographs
27.    View Point
28.    Rainbow Summit 160 m
29.    Rainbow Lake Viewpoint
30.    Prudhomme Lake Provincial Campground
31.    Diana Lake Provincial Park
32.    Galloway Rapids Boat launch
33.    Oliver Lake Picnic Area
34.    Tall Tree Trail
35.    Butze Rapids Trail
36.    Industrial Area of Prince Rupert

Make your way to Terrace, BC and experience the excitement of the Eulachon run and wildlife viewing for yourself. It's the perfect opportunity for nature enthusiasts and families to get outside and immerse themselves in the beauty of the Skeena River.


Don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure!

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