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Terrace Alliance Church

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Terrace Alliance Church



Missions and Outreach encompass a number of ministries, all with the common objective - to extend the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Out There and Over There.  We can all do a variety of things to enable greater success in this endeavor.

Each week we receive emails from our Global Friends with requests to pray.  These emails are given to those who are committed to pray.  If you would like to join our prayer team please contact our Mission Coordinator.

As a part of our church's vision to see people grow in their understanding of our Global Impact Team, we highlight one of our Global Friends each week.  Requests are in the bulletin and we pray for the requests and the people on Sunday morning.

Get involved by joining the prayer team, sharing Jesus with those you know.

Mission's Conference
Every year we have a conference with one of our Global Friends on Home Assignment.  It is exciting to hear their stories, meet them and pray with them.

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4923 Agar Avenue
Terrace, BC

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