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For natural splendor, swimming and camping just outside of town take a trip to one of the many parks in the area.

Lakelse Lake Provincial Park is situated in the Skeena River Watershed and is surrounded by the mountains of the Kitimat Range. It offers short walking trails, beaches, boat launch, picnic sights, campsites, and more.

Kleanza Creek Provincial Park just east of Terrace is home to great camping and hiking trails that lead to a canyon, waterfalls and an abandoned gold mine.

Kitselas Canyon Tours

Open to the Public for Self-paced walk/Tour: Gates are open during regular business hours 8am-4pm. For more inforamtion contact:

Redsand Lake or Hart Farm Recreation Site offers beaches, canoeing, walking trails, biking trails and campsites.

Exstew Falls located west of Terrace is a short hike to a stunning waterfall. Camping is available along the banks of the river.

Exchamsiks River Provincial Park located 56km west of Terrace features 18 hectares of lush rainforest and provides visitors with two day use areas. On the west side of the river, there is a single paved boat launch available for public use year round and on the east side is a short interpretive trail through the old growth forest.

Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Park located 100 km north of Terrace is the first provincial park to be jointly managed by a First Nation and BC Parks.


It's a wild, wild world in this neck of the woods!

Wildlife that you may encounter includes black bears, grizzly bears, moose, deer, coyotes, wolves, cougars, beavers, mountain goats and more.  Bald eagles can be spotted most anywhere but particularly along the rivers and lakes.  There are also over 100 unique bird species including Canada Geese, Osprey and the Trumpeter Swan, a provincially blue-listed species.

The Kermodei Bear

Anyone who has set sight upon the revered white Kermodei bear is one lucky soul. The Kermodei, also known as the Spirit bear, ghost bear or Moksgm’ol in Tsimshian, is unique to the North Coast rainforest and sightings are rare.  Even locals who have lived in the region their entire lives have yet to catch a glimpse of Terrace's legendary mascot.

What makes this white bear so intriguing is that it is a black bear in every respect except for its bright coat of fur. One might think that the bears are albinos but the famous white fur comes from a recessive gene that both parents must possess for their cub to be white.

First Nations legends recall the Kermodei as the spirit of the rainforest. Long ago a raven changed the earth from snowy white to forest green but didn’t want to forget the past.  So the raven changed every tenth black bear into a white one to remember the world the way it had once been.

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